In Hindhi we call astrology as Jyothish Vidya.we can devide this

''Jyothi means light or flame''.
''Ish means god.''
''Jyothish means lord of the light.''
''Vidya means knowledge.''

Jyothish Vidya is the study of all aspects of planets and luminaries

Jyothish Vidya (Astrology) is prevalent and applicable for the benefit of humanity from time immemorial and its origin can be traced to the origin of life through the mythological and religious revelations. Hindu gods and their incarnations were using this knowledge as found in Hindu religion books known as epics. Similarly, we find the mention of predictions by knowledgeable people having divine knowledge even by Lord Jesus Christ around the time of last supper.

The humanity has been blessed by divine revelations through the sacred knowledge on various aspects of life including that of the science of light, known as Vedic Astrology. The Vedic knowledge is contained in four sacred books, known as Vedas and six additional sections known as Vedangas. These Vedas and Vedangas are the oldest documents describing hymns, sacred incantations, philosophy, religion and literature. The knowledge contained in Vedas and Vedangas is the source of inspiration for the scholars in various fields all over the world. These were organised by Rishis � saints having divine vision � for the benefit of the humanity.

The principles of Vedic astrology were narrated to their disciples by Rishis and as the fountain head is known as Maharishi Parashara in Dwapara Yuga. As per Indian mythology prior to Kaliyuga, the present era started over 5000 years back, there were the eras of Satyuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga. Brihat Parashara Hora contains principles for prediction and palliatives (planetary remedies). In Kaliyuga there had been many commentators in classical age and in modern age.

The principles of Vedic astrology were based on the observed astronomical phenomenon which helped in predicting. Vedic Jyothish consists of observational astronomy; astronomical and astrological calculations; natal or birth astrology; prasna or horary astrology; muhurta or auspicious time; and nimita � means interpretation of omens. Planetary influences are indicators of events in life. Planetary influences can also be changed, it is believed, to some extent through planetary remedies.

These days we have the benefit of observatory for giving us the authenticated data on observational astronomy and we have the benefit of computes and software for astronomical and astrological calculations which are necessary for study of birth astrology, prasna astrology where birth details are not known and muhurta (identifying auspicious times for starting various significant events in life; e.g. progeny matters, marriage, starting business ventures, joining jobs, surgery, etc. etc.

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