Vastu is based on science of Directions  

You will be surprised to know that, by using this new revolutionary method

1.    Most of the sick industries can be revived

2.    Most of the health problems can be solved

3.    Most of the Marital Compatibility problems can be solved

4.    Most of your financial problems can be solved

5.    Most of your professional problem can be solved.

Advanced Vedic Vastu is based on the principle of Directional Strength (DS) of each individual. His birth chart, his line of activity, his inner strength, determines the Directional Strength of an individual

{“ …Since time immemorial, human beings have been influenced by three strength (Bala's) i.e., Graha Bala, (Planetary Strength) Gruhabala (Strength of House i.e., Vastu) Grihini Bala (Strength of Females; mother, sister, wife or daughter...”} Sahhasra Saagara

Everything is predestined in the Graha Bala and Grihini Bala. We can’t change or alter our fate i.e., planetary influence on us at the time of Birth. We can’t change Grihini Bala because we can’t change Mother or Sister or Daughter (of course, we can change the wife, an exception, but in this case also we have to assume as per our fate only). Only the strength of Gruha Bala can be altered by making use of the Directional Strength of the House by modifying the structure to bring in maximum positive results.




Advanced Vedic Vastu methodology combines the vast knowledge of vastu, astrological aspect of individual, determining the Directional Strength of the individual. Once the directional strength is determined, the energy flow pattern required for the smooth functioning of one's life is located and the same is applied in correcting the imbalances of the energy field in the structure. The aspects like, an individual's health, finances, marital compatibility, mental stability, growth of their progeny depends entirely on the energy flow pattern of the individual and also the energy pattern emanated by the structure. If the energy patterns are not in harmony problems creep up and disturb the tranquillity and growth of the individual and the family. By applying the Directional Strength, harmony of the energy patterns of the individual, individual's family and also the energy pattern of the structure positive and affirmative results can be guaranteed. This methodology is unique and has been successfully implemented in many places with high degree of accuracy. It has been found that in General Vastu, E, NE & N has been prescribed as an antidote for every problem on the earth. On contrary to this we have seen that many structures, which do not prescribe to this theory are flourishing. This is because the Directional Strength of the individual/ individual’s family residing in such dwelling is in harmony with the dwelling's energy levels.


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