We at Trinetra Astro & Vastu Research Centre provide an expert and pointed Astro / Psycho advice and counselling through our Chief Astro-Consultant Mr.GAURAV KOCHER.The renowned Astro-Consultant of Politicians, Bureaucrats, Film Stars, Media Persons, industrialist etc. has to its credit 6 yrs. of extensive and intensive study and research in the Oriental North Indian Predictive Astrology, the modern South India's 'Krishnarmurthy Padhiti' and the Western scientific concept of 'Solar Biology' initiated by Mr. Hiram. E.Butler. Mr. Kocher by synthesizing the above mentioned methods of predictive astrology have evolved his own unique method for giving an expert astro advice/readings and counselling to our clients.
                              A diagnostic and prescriptive methodology is the hallmark of the present centre. After making a thorough analysis of the horoscope, the malefic afflictions and the beneficial influences of the planets/stars are determined. On the basis of analysis thus made, through ‘Vedic Remedies’ and corresponding to the mental and physical make-up of the client, through psycho-counselling useful practices to be followed during daily life are advised which smoothens life. As mentioned above apart from psycho-counselling diagnostic and prescriptive methodology,some remedies are advised and practiced.

You may have lots of question regarding astrology or vastu here we try our level best to answer those question or doubts. The following pages of this website is a small step in the response of your some frequently asked question. For more detail explore all the pages of website and for any further doubts contact
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