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Functional Wave Length of Astrology

Astrology has the same functional wave length as the medical science and psychology have, and an expert astrologer, having achieved a synthesis of both medical practitioner and psychotherapist, knows physical, as well as, mental traits of man. By making scientific analysis of astro-mathematical calculations from the horoscope, a learned astrologer can unfold the physical, mental and spiritual characteristics, potentials and behavior of man and present predicaments and future inclinations. Horoscope is like a dictionary and destiny, though unchangeable, is wrapped in it and the astrologer unravels various shades of destiny by interpreting meaning from it.

It is a known fact that life of man never runs smooth, but to smoothen it is the endeavor of every man. No doubt, the Lord has kept all metaphysical things in His hands, but He has allowed human intelligence to unravel the mystery about the future. When the course of life is thwarted by evil influences of the planets, an expert astrologer helps you to resolve timely conflicts and agonizing dilemmas through tips to escape danger, unfortunate periods and possible tragic events wherever it is possible and necessary.

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