Trinetra Institute of Astrology & Vastu




A renowned name in the field of occult education with overseas offices in countries likes Italy, Austria…etc. Where you find the oldest Vedic knowledge with latest technology and energetic infrastructure. We teach our student not only theory but core practical with the help of NASA approved astronomical data. Student may attend training camps where they participated as trainee astrologer to get experience. Our courses are designed according to the modern needs of the students. Different type of courses are available..

Courses of astrology

i. Diploma in Basic Astrology (for beginner level) Rs.15000

ii. Diploma in Practical Astrology (for Astro Students) Rs.20000

iii. Advance Diploma in applied Astrology (for field astrologers)                                                                                                      (Rs.25000)

Courses of Vastu

iv. Diploma in Basic Vastu (for beginner level) Rs.20000

v. Advance Diploma in Practical Vastu (for architects / vastu shastri)

Courses in Numerology

vi. Diploma in Basic Numerology (for beginner level) Rs.20000

vii. Advance Diploma in Practical Numerology (for professionals) 

 Mainly each course contain 60 hours study approx .You can take 60 hours in one mount or in the duration of six months .Choice is yours.

Language:  Course available in Hindi, Punjabi, English

Level: Course available for beginner to expert level for a common man to specialist.

Timings: weekend classes with flexible timings according to group.

Online: Online courses are also available.(via skype)

Charges: The fees for each Corse is minimum INR 20000 /per course.

Certification: certification & gradation is done by TRIAV

Special: refresher courses for practising professionals like architects/ vastu experts / astrologer.

: Special crash courses for Medical Students (Medical Astrology)

: Special Short term courses for NRI / Foreigners

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